Looking to start sending review requests on Amazon? 

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It takes about 15 minutes from beginning to end. If you have all of the access and passwords needed, it will be super easy. We are preparing a video to walk you through the whole process. The chapter markers in the video will make it easy to skip ahead to certain sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Feedback+ a link farming operation? 

No! We only send review requests to buyers who have purchased from your Amazon store. We do this the 100% Amazon-compliant way by using their API to send an Amazon review request via email to the buyer.

Can't I do this on my own? 

Yes, you can. But as a busy entrepreneur, you know how crucial it is to automate everything you can so that you can stop spending your time IN the business and spend more time ON the business.

So first off, you have more valuable ways to spend your time, as does your team. Second of all, even if you decide you want to save a little money and do it manually, you will inevitably have days when you don't do it or get busy and forget. Or, you take time off from work. Feedback+ never takes a day off.

I need to watch how much I spend. All of these services add up and get expensive! 

We agree! That is why we charge a fair price for Feedback+. We believe in supporting fellow entrepreneurs so we made it free to use up to 100 review requests per month. So if you just want to send 100 every month or you are just getting started and don't sell but 2-3 items per day, Feedback+ is free! 

If you want to capitalize on every sale and maximize your opportunities by gathering reviews, our pricing is a no-brainer. You can either pay $15 monthly and cancel any time or you can pay for a year and save a big percentage (it's $120 per year, so it's 33% cheaper if you just commit for a year).

Is it worth it? 

"Absolutely, reviews can make a big difference in sales. I know for a fact that some of the automatic ungating by some brands only occurs if your seller rating is over a certain percentage. This is a fantastic offer that should be taken advantage of regardless if you're selling above or below the 100 free reviews they give you." —Lem Turner, admin for The Amazon FBA RA/OA Source for Beginners Facebook Group

"AMZ sellers should automate this critical repetitive task." — JD Graffam, entrepreneur and founder of dozens of online businesses

"An item with one review is 65% more likely to be purchased than an item with no reviews. One-third of consumers won’t buy a product that doesn’t have any reviews. Amazon reviews are trusted more than any other type of review. On average, positive reviews increase sales by 30%. If you have been selling for a while on Amazon have noticed as your volume starts to increase, it is a royal pain to go back to every transaction and select request review on the Amazon platform on a daily basis to try and get your review percentage up. Feedback+ not only takes the painstaking daunting task of constantly asking for reviews away. It completely automates it and takes it off your plate 100%. I will tell you that I have been testing this for a number of months now and the program is just simply awesome 🤩" —Russell Petersen, Amazon Seller

What APIs does Feedback+ use?

Inventory and Order Management - We use this API to fetch orders from merchants, so they can ask for reviews.

Listing - We use this API to fetch items for orders so merchants can configure their campaign based on conditions - for example, an order having a specific ASIN.

Shipping Solutions - We use this API to determine the exact delivery date of orders, so we can send out a review request based on the configured amount of days after delivery.